Lotus Professional PHYTORx Whitening UV Screen Matte gel Sun Block SPF 60

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Phytorx whitening UV screen matte gel sun block SPF 60 pa+++ – encapsulated in an ultra light matte gel, It glides on skin & is quickly absorbed for a light refreshing effect. This formulation lets the skin breathe & makes it whiter, suppler & smoother. Non-sticky and non-greasy it leaves a velvet and invisible finish with visible fairness. Day after day skin stays noticeably light and fair.



  • It is free from preservative, artificial fragrance and colour
  • This sunscreen have whitening property
  • It is non-sticky and non-greasy, leaves a velvet and invisible finish
  • Makes the skin whiter, suppler.


Apply on cleansed face, neck, arms & all other exposed parts of the body before stepping out in sun. Repeat frequent applications for maximum protection

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