About Us


Colorplus Cosmetics is a retail store serving you for 15 years in the heart of Kathmandu. We are the first retail store to be established with the aim to sell branded cosmetics exclusively in Nepal. Our store offers the majority of the brands from America to Europe, from Makeup to Skincare and many more.

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With more than a decade of experience in the retailing field, we are now aiming to expand our horizons and provide our services all over Nepal through an eCommerce platform.


Colorplus Cosmetics aims to educate our consumers on the product’s quality, genuineness, price, and how to buy and apply makeup products.


We know the struggle of the Nepali people in the market searching for genuine products at minimum prices. Therefore, to solve this major problem we face in Nepal Colorplus Cosmetics was established. For 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to making genuine beauty products available in the market at the best minimum price possible.

Why Choose Us ?

Genuine Products only

With over 15 years of experience in this market field, Colorplus Cosmetics has earned valuable credibility, the main reason being our determination on dealing with only genuine products. Here at Colorplus Cosmetics, we believe that Genuine Customers look for Genuine Products.

Trust our foundation

From the day we inaugurated our store we always believed in providing Genuine quality products at the best price in the market and to this day we put our best effort to stick with our foundation or our belief.

Customer Delight, Our Motto

We are here because of our customers, they are the key to success in any business, and here at Colorplus Cosmetics, we take customer satisfaction seriously. We aim to provide the best buying experience for everyone. With well-trained Beauty Advisors who are experts and experienced in their respective fields, we try to provide better service as well as better knowledge about the beauty products to our customers.

Know it before you buy it, our philosophy

We believe every consumer need to know about the products before they consume them, especially in the field of makeup where the makeup products you should apply, depend upon your skin type and skin tone. That is why Colorplus Cosmetics puts more effort into making our consumers aware of the products as well as educating them on how to buy the cosmetic products that suit their skin.

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