Milani Make It Last Dewy Setting Spray

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Lock in your makeup for up to 16 hours with this hydrating setting spray. Achieve a dewy finish without the worry of creasing or fading.


et the stage for makeup that lasts with Milani Make It Last Dewy Setting Spray. This 3-in-1 setting spray, hydrate, and illuminate, acts as a moisturizer and time-stopper, ensuring your makeup looks striking all day long. Experience a glamorous dose of dewy hydration, providing a fresh and cooling feel to your complexion. Say goodbye to creasing, smudging, or fading, as this setting spray locks in your look with a dewy finish that’s never damp.

How to Apply: This versatile setting spray works wonders under or over your makeup, or even on its own for a natural glow. Hold the bottle at least 10 inches away and spray in a zigzag formation for full and even coverage. Milani Make It Last is made for the long-haul, keeping your makeup look locked for up to 16 hours. For extra hold, apply a thin layer of foundation, use the dewy setting spray, then apply another layer of foundation on top. Avoid spraying directly into the eyes for a flawless finish every time. Keep it in your makeup bag for the perfect glow on the go!

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